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4 Mental Health Benefits of Team Sports for Young Athletes

It’s easy to recognize team sports as a benefit for our kids when it comes to physical health. But there are profound mental health benefits for kids who regularly play team sports as well. Studies have shown that exercise in general is beneficial for mental health for both kids and adults, but there are additional benefits when a team aspect is added to physical activity. Here are 4 mental health benefits of team sports for young athletes:

Stress and Mood

Our brains release endorphins – a chemical hormone that makes us feel good- when we exercise. In addition to boosting our moods, endorphins also help to reduce blood pressure, stress, and depression. This reaction is strong in young athletes and the benefits of an improved mood and attitude are far-reaching.


Having an authority figure outside of parents is a huge win for young athletes. Learning how to respect and work with an adult, outside of the safety net of their parents, sets children up for success later in life when they will be consistently navigating different authority figures.

Support and Belonging

Along with endorphins, there is a feel-good boost that comes from belonging to something. Being a part of a team, and having the support of teammates contributes to mental and emotional health.

Control through Self Discipline

In an ever-changing world that feels often chaotic, a team sport can give our children a sense of control through self-discipline. Learning how to fuel their body through nutrition, rest, and recovery, as well as organizing themselves to prepare for practice and or games is an important skill and gives them a sense of order in a disorganized time.

How Arcadia Youth Basketball Can Help

AYB offers both Rec and Club leagues for athletes of all skill levels. During this time where social distancing is a must, we are offering small group sessions to keep skill sets improving and encourage movement and overall health of our athletes. Click over to our registration page to find out more.


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