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The Arcadia Youth Basketball Difference

We know parents have choices when it comes to where and for whom their kids play sports. Whether it’s through a for profit league, a city rec league, or even school athletics, each option is unique and brings pros and cons to the table. At Arcadia Youth Basketball, we set ourselves apart from other leagues in several ways – each one makes AYB different and we think that difference makes our league great for our players. Here’s how:

Professional Coaches

While most leagues and even school teams rely on parent volunteers to coach, AYB utilizes only professional coaches. We love our parents and we are grateful that they are willing to volunteer their time! But when it comes to teaching young athletes, many learn best when they learn from someone other than mom or dad. Our coaches are taught and also coached on how to best work with athletes of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Professional coaching means that each player, no matter which coach they are working with, is getting the same level of instruction, encouragement, and skill application.

Set Game / Practice Times

Both of our leagues, Rec and Club, offer set game times and practice times, and all at the same location as well. While that might not seem like a big deal, giving our players and their families the ability to maintain a consistent schedule just makes life easier! In addition, our set times and location also makes being a multisport player and or a multi athlete family, a lot more manageable.

Separate Leagues

As we have developed our program at Arcadia Youth Basketball, we found that boys and girls learn and achieve in different environments. In addition, varying skill levels can intimidate some players. Which is why AYB separates male and female athletes in order to give each group of players the best and most supportive environment to learn.

Skill Building and Practice

Each week, our Rec league learns an additional skill and also builds upon the previous weeks’ skills. During weekly games, referees make calls more frequently as the season progresses, giving players lots of room to learn in a game setting. The result of this real life application of their weekly skill sets is that the players truly understand how to apply what they learn in practice in a game setting.

Register Today

League play is now open – register today! We are continuing to incorporate COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure player and coach protection. Visit our website to learn more.


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