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5 Reasons Summer Camp is a Must

With all the stress, changes, and challenges our kids have faced in the last year during the pandemic, it can be challenging to decide on a summer schedule. While it may be tempting to keep kids home this summer – out of caution or to give them a break – it may not be in their best interest. Why is that? There are 5 reasons why summer camp is a must for kids:

Routines are Beneficial

While they may fight it, children really do thrive in routines. Knowing what to expect and when is extremely beneficial for their mental state. Summer camp offers the ability to create a schedule and routine, with less structure than a school day. The summer camp routine offers the benefit of predictability, without the stress of schoolwork.

Move It Move It

Being physically active has many major benefits for our kids. In addition to the physical benefits of stronger muscles, improved blood flow, and better coordination, physical exercise has mental benefits as well. Endorphins are released by the body during exercise. This hormone triggers a positive feeling in the body and reduces the perception of pain. Physical activity is linked to improved sleep as well.

Learn in New Forms

Our kids are asked to learn through various mediums throughout the day at school. Summer camp offers a new way of learning, most often through physical work. Whether it’s learning new sports, crafting, cooking, learning a new skill through touch is great for brain development.

Form New Relationships

Whether it’s meeting new friends or learning how to bond with a coach, summer camp offers the ability to create new relationships. Getting outside of their normal circle of friends and teacher relationships can help improve social skills and expand a child’s ability to adapt to new situations.

Independence Growth

The different structure of summer camp from a school setting means there are new opportunities for growth in independence. Learning to make new friends, operate in a new environment, learn in new ways, and be responsible for new tasks – away from the help of parents – creates new ways to grow in independence.

AYB Has You Covered

Arcadia Youth Basketball has a great summer camp program! Our schedule makes it easy to accommodate other camp schedules, sports practices, and vacation schedules too. Click over to see the schedule and get registered today!


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