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How to Stay Active Over Summer Break

It may seem like a no-brainer to keep kids active during summer break, but with the lack of routine of the school day, extreme temperatures, and the need for a “break” can all make for lack of activity. We’ve got some great tips on how to motivate kids to put down the screens and pick up some moves to stay active and healthy this summer.

Think Outside the Hoop

This applies to all the sports! Don’t have a full team? Lacking equipment or location? Don’t let that stop you. Find a way to practice the parts that you have equipment for. Check out our ball handling drills to pick up the speed for basketball. Toss up pop flies or hit off of a tee for baseball. Run sprints in the yard, or use every day items like hula hoops to create a workout and strengthen fast twitch muscles.

Create an Obstacle Course

Perfect for indoors or out, obstacle courses can be created out of almost anything. Grab some tape to create arrows, lines, squares, and more. Designate an activity for each shape and then see how fast your child can get through it. Or grab pillows, chairs, broom sticks, laundry baskets, even incorporate the coffee table to crawl under or around! There’s no wrong answers, let imaginations run wild.

Water Works

No pool? No problem! Grab a sprinkler, hose, water balloons, or even spray bottles with water can all make for fun games. If you can jump in the pool, create some competition and practice strokes with races. Get creative by combining strokes – such as freestyle arms with butterfly kicks – to see what is fastest. Or add in some fun games like watermelon push or the good old Sharks and Minnows.

Make a Goal

It’s great to have a lot of fun ideas to stay active, but those ideas could fall short if there’s no plan to put those ideas into motion. Create a weekly schedule and or a daily goal for activities. Consider a reward for meeting the daily goals for a week such as a treat, extra screen time, or an activity like a play date or movie.

AYB Can Help

We have opening for summer camp and shooting clinics in late June! Click over to our registration page to reserve your spot.


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