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Why Specializing in a Sport May do More Harm than Good

A family’s busy schedule typically means there is only time for one sport for each child in the family (if that!). But playing the same sport season after season, and or coupled with intense training on and off-season, can do more harm than good for a young athlete. Solo sporting can lead to both physical and mental issues, on and off the playing field. Here’s why:

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Young bodies are going through constant growth and change. Muscles and ligaments are working to expand as the body grows, and repetitive movements can put undue stress on these already stressed tissues. To avoid repetitive motion injuries, delay sport specialization and limit playtime by taking breaks both weekly and longer throughout the year.

Burn Out

The mental side effect of sports specialization is that a child can burn out on the same thing over and over. Growing brains crave new and interesting concepts to evaluate in order to grow. Repetitive sports can cause a young athlete to get tired of the “same old same old”.

Decrease in Athleticism

While one would think being active in one sport would increase athleticism, science has found that sports specialization can actually hurt young athleticism. Not working different muscle groups regularly can overdevelop some areas while leaving other areas underdeveloped. This can lead to a decrease in agility, strength, and overall fitness too.

AYB Makes MultiSports Manageable

Managing multiple kids and multiple sports schedules can be a headache. But Arcadia Youth Basketball makes it much easier to balance more than one sport. Our AYB Academy combines skills practice and games into one on Saturdays. This schedule allows young athletes to expand their skills and enjoy game time too, in a manageable schedule. Click over to our registration page for more information and to sign up for our next season!


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