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Why it’s Important to Emphasize Development Before Results

Childhood sports are great for a lot of reasons. Obviously, sports help kids develop physical skills, but they are also important for social and emotional development as well. When attention is taken off player development and put onto results, the outcome can have a negative effect. Here are three reasons why parents, players, and coaches must prioritize player development over results in young athletes.

Creating a Foundation

While that the game results are oh so tempting to focus on, the reality is that the players are more than just that one game, that one season. The time of player development from preschool to middle school is an essential for building a physical foundation that will last a lifetime. Athleticism will carry them much further than a winning season will.

Better Adjustment

Athletic development goes beyond physical development. A huge part of a well-rounded athlete is one that has the mental stamina to excel in addition to the physical athleticism. Learning how to lose gracefully, how to learn from mistakes, and how to work as a team are imperative to having a well-balanced athlete throughout their athletic career.

Avoid Burnout

Young athlete burnout is quickly becoming a serious issue in youth sports. When kids are pushed to consistently deliver results without having all of the physical and mental abilities of an older athlete, they can lose interest all together. By shifting attention onto having fun, trying hard, and making even minor improvements, players learn that they can enjoy the game while they learn.

The Arcadia Youth Basketball Difference

At AYB, our focus for our AYB Academy teams are to build skills, confidence, and game knowledge in order to form strong athletes. Our professional coaches are taught and coached on how to best work with athletes of all ages, abilities, and skill levels to help young athletes grow in their athleticism for sports and for life too.


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