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Cultivating Positive Body Image in Young Athletes

We hear a lot about body image and kids – positive impacts, negative impacts, what’s good, what’s bad – but what really is body image? Simply put, body image is the way you feel about your body. Examples of this can look like feeling proud of what your body can do, how it looks, and even how it changes. Of course, we want our kids to feel good in their own skin, so here are some ways you can help your young athlete cultivate a positive body image:

Make it a Family Affair

Doing activities, games, and exercises as a family is a great way to spend time together, bond, and get everyone moving! Participating together as a family solidifies that exercising and getting outside can be fun and sets the groundwork for lifelong healthy habits. Examples could be a family basketball match in games like H.O.R.S.E, around the world, or knockout. Maybe throwing the baseball, passing a volleyball around, badminton, pickleball, or even ping pong! Make it extra competitive by setting up a leaderboard to see who will make it to the top.

Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are a great way to build confidence– in adults and kids! Every day you can practice affirming yourself and other members of your family around the dinner table, in the mirror every morning while styling hair, or even on the car ride to school. Examples of things you can say are “I am capable, I am kind, am beautiful/handsome, my body is strong, and I can do hard things!” 

Teaching Positive Activity Habits

Staying active reaffirms the notion that our bodies are strong and capable, and routines are a great way to implement positive lifelong habits in children. Following a plan and providing structure helps exercising become less of a chore and more of an activity to look forward to. Bonus pro tip: asking your child what sports they are interested in trying or getting better at will help keep them engaged and motivated to stay active!

You Can Count on AYB

At Arcadia Youth Basketball, our goal is to help form healthy athletes. This includes a healthy and positive body image. We feel this is best accomplished through the guidance of professional coaches. Our specially trained coaches offer each player consistent, fun, and high-quality athletic education, allowing each player to grow at their own pace with dependable support.


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