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Why the Process is the Important Part

We encourage greatness here at AYB, but we believe that greatness can and should be found in the every day, and not just in the big wins and milestones. We love celebrating the big wins just as much as the small victories, and here’s why:

Learning is the Path to Knowledge

There are many reasons why sports are a learning process. First, you learn the game and how it works. Next, you learn how to use your body to play the game. Then you begin to refine and master your skills. And all while learning how to navigate within a team. We all know these things are easier said than done, especially when it comes to children. We believe that children should learn to play sports and enjoy the process. We love to win the games, but for us, the importance of sports lies in the small wins every day. 

Winning Looks Different for Everyone

Learning looks different in everyone because each individual has their own set of strengths. We want to cultivate all learning paths here at AYB. We believe that participating in sports builds resilience in children and carries over into adulthood. The game is more than just winning. These are skills we teach to children to use on and off the court and hopefully in their lives for years to come. 

Being a Professional Matters

At Arcadia Youth Basketball, our goal is to help form healthy athletes. We have an amazing team of professional coaches to help guide your child and set them up for success. Our specially trained coaches offer each player consistent, fun, and high-quality athletic education, allowing the athlete to grow at their own pace and with dependable support through every step of the learning process. 

The Ball is in Your Court

We value the physical and mental success and strength of all the children that walk through our doors. This is why we believe so strongly about providing your children with professionally trained coaches, because we know we’re laying the foundation for not only a successful athletic career but also a successful life. Visit our registration page to enroll your child today.


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