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The Power of Positivity

True or False? Sports are 100 percent mental?  TRUE! 

You may have heard the saying sports are 90% mental and 10% physical, but the truth is our thoughts influence actions and our actions influence thoughts.  You cannot achieve in sports without the mental aspects of the game.  The never-ending cycle of thoughts and actions links poor performance to an athlete’s thoughts.  “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your own two ears.” —Laird Hamilton


On the sideline of a sports game you will hear phrases like “clear your mind”, “don’t over think it”, “pay attention”  “focus” “concentrate”, “relax and just play”.  Getting your mind in the right place is key to success on the court or field.   So how do you get into the positive mindset?  We have a few suggestions that might help.  

Improve your mood-  Try playing music, laughing with a friend, get some fresh air, or relax with a book.  Any activity to get your mind off the negative and shift your thoughts will help. 

Positive Self-Talk-  This can be as simple as a catch phrase you say to yourself.  Think of it as your mantra.  “Power”,   “Focus”,   “I am Ready”…whatever inspires you. 

Visualize Your Success-  Imagine a moment when you achieve success.  Use all your senses.  Hear the crowd cheering, smell the air, feel the ball in your hands, see the shot go in, taste your success!  

The best time to practice these steps is before you’re on the field or court. By practicing when you are in a good head space, calm, and motivated, your brain will remember that feeling when repeating the steps at game time.


At AYB, we know the importance of supporting our athletes with positivity. When a coach or teammates are critical and negative, it can be hard to stay in the positive mindset necessary for success.  We recommend surrounding yourself with coaches and trainers who can help you see what went well and set goals that encourage improvement.  Find a coach who will help you with the mental aspects of your game.  Sportsmanship, self-control, motivation, communication, and focus are just as important (if not more) as dribbling, shooting, and defense.  Set yourself up for success by building a positive support system to help you grow in development as a player and as a person.  It will take practice to get in your positive mindset, but the more you work at it the quicker it will come and you will see yourself skyrocket as an athlete.  


A positive attitude can be most helpful when facing adversity.  Sports come with setbacks, injuries and lulls.  Being able to push through these hard times is what separates decent athletes from great athletes.  Many highly successful athletes attribute their success to a time they faced a challenge and made it to the other side.  Victory is sweetest when it comes through hardship and some pain.  When you hit an obstacle or face a setback, use it as fuel for the future.  Getting down in the dumps will only lead to a lack of progress.  Embrace the hardship and view it as an opportunity to show what you are made of.  

If you are looking for a positive environment to immerse your child in, we have programs designed for each age and level.  At AYB, we use basketball as a powerful tool in the development of our youth.  We aim to provide the youth of Arcadia a place to learn, develop, and grow through their love of basketball.  AYB is offering a winter mini-session, the perfect opportunity to give AYB a try. 


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