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5 Benefits of Summer Camp (besides just getting the kids out of the house!)

Hooray! School is out, and it’s time to enjoy the lazy days of summer. Just kidding, that only lasts about a week until the kids are driving everyone – including each other – insane! What’s the solution? Summer camp at AYB! But camp isn’t just to keep your kids out of your hair, and thereContinue reading “5 Benefits of Summer Camp (besides just getting the kids out of the house!)”

Ready or Not, Here Comes Summer!

Are you ready to tackle the hot, long days of summer?  Are you worried about keeping your kids busy and active?  AYB has you covered! There are many benefits to enrolling your child in summer camps.  It’s not just about basketball, our summer camp can help develop your child into a well-rounded young adult.  BeingContinue reading “Ready or Not, Here Comes Summer!”

Arcadia Youth Basketball’s AdmiHer Program for Girls

At Arcadia Youth Basketball, we believe in championing all of our athletes, and we recognize that our female athletes are often most successful when they are coached together and  AYB is taking concrete steps to support the young girls in programs.  Arcadia Youth Basketball is proud to launch AdmiHER, the only all-girls youth basketball programContinue reading “Arcadia Youth Basketball’s AdmiHer Program for Girls”

Be Part of Our Team: Arcadia Youth Basketball Sponsorships

Have you noticed all the sponsorship banners hanging in our gym?  Would you like to add your business or family name?  Now is the perfect time to secure your sponsorship for 2023.  The opportunity to sponsor the work we do at AYB not only benefits our programs and the youth of this community, but itContinue reading “Be Part of Our Team: Arcadia Youth Basketball Sponsorships”

Growth Mindset for Better Performance

How do you respond to trying something new?  Are you up for challenging yourself to new things?  Do you try things once and then decide they are too hard?  Do you find yourself worrying you may get things wrong?  Trying new things is actually a workout for your brain.  Your brain is like a muscleContinue reading “Growth Mindset for Better Performance”

The Power of Positivity

True or False? Sports are 100 percent mental?  TRUE!  You may have heard the saying sports are 90% mental and 10% physical, but the truth is our thoughts influence actions and our actions influence thoughts.  You cannot achieve in sports without the mental aspects of the game.  The never-ending cycle of thoughts and actions linksContinue reading “The Power of Positivity”

Why Youth Sports Matter

Here at AYB, we value the time we spend with the young kids and adolescents in our programs. Getting to know each player’s personality and discovering ways to bring out their best qualities is a privilege.  In the midst of the fundamentals and training, AYB players and coaches have FUN and develop lasting relationships.  YourContinue reading Why Youth Sports Matter

AYB Club Team vs. Rec Academy 

The game of basketball can be a powerful tool in developing our youth. Arcadia Youth Basketball programs aim to provide the youth of Arcadia a place to learn, develop and grow through the love of basketball.  Our recreational and club programs focus on fundamentals, advanced fundamentals, and the basketball IQ of the game to helpContinue reading “AYB Club Team vs. Rec Academy “

Why the Process is the Important Part

We encourage greatness here at AYB, but we believe that greatness can and should be found in the every day, and not just in the big wins and milestones. We love celebrating the big wins just as much as the small victories, and here’s why: Learning is the Path to Knowledge There are many reasonsContinue reading “Why the Process is the Important Part”

Help the Whole Family Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is no joke out here in Arizona! And if we’re not careful, it’s easy to lose track of drinking enough water. Let us help you with a few fun ideas to keep the whole family hydrated this summer! DIY Electrolytes We all see those electrolyte beverages full of sugar and artificial ingredients. And whileContinue reading “Help the Whole Family Stay Hydrated This Summer”