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4 Tips for Reducing Screen-Time Without a Fight

Living in the technology age, it seems like kids become more and more glued to screens. And maybe you’ve noticed an impact on their behavior the more screen time they have. We understand how important it is for your child’s mental and physical health to reduce screen time. Here are a few tips that may help you towards getting your children off screens and back into the real world:

Tip #1: Lead by Example

Kids are sponges. When they see their grown-ups doing things (good or bad!) they are likely to mirror it. So, if you’re trying to get your children to cut back screen time, try cutting back the time you spend on screens around them too. It may not happen overnight, but the more they see you present and engaged the more likely they are to do the same.

Tip #2: Schedule Screens

Scheduling screen time can be a useful tool to getting kids off screens and in the moment. This can look like blocking off times of the day that screens aren’t allowed and working in smaller amounts of time that screens are allowed. Maybe this looks like 20 minutes of screens after school, no screens during mealtimes, and active or playtime after dinner. Or maybe screens only on the weekend, and no screen time during the school week. Play with it to figure out what works best for your family. 

Tip #3: Join the Fun!

Getting outside and active as a family, planning family game nights, going to sports games to support family members, or even sitting in on practice are all examples of ways you can get in on the fun and get kids off the screens. When you get engaged in activities with your kids, the results may surprise you! Pretty soon they’ll be asking you to get outside and play instead of extending that screen time. 

Tip #4: Get Support from AYB

We believe in the benefits of professional coaching strategies here at AYB. We take your child’s mental & physical health seriously, and our coaches and staff show it. Being a part of a team and getting active may be the distraction your child needs to get them back out in the world and off those screens. Click over to our registration today and jump into some fun!


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