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Help the Whole Family Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is no joke out here in Arizona! And if we’re not careful, it’s easy to lose track of drinking enough water. Let us help you with a few fun ideas to keep the whole family hydrated this summer!

DIY Electrolytes

We all see those electrolyte beverages full of sugar and artificial ingredients. And while those are good in a pinch, why not make a better, at-home alternative? Based on the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, water with electrolytes and a higher pH (alkaline) hydrates the body quicker. To achieve this at home, simply add half a lemon and an 1/8th teaspoon of real sea salt (or pink himalayan salt) to 1-2 cups of water. If you like it sweet, add honey or agave syrup to your liking.

Popsicles With a Plus

Whether it be a long practice or a pool day, freezer pops are a great way to sneak in some hydration into a refreshing sweet treat. Turning your favorite electrolyte drink (store bought or homemade) into popsicles is sure to please the whole family! These freezer pop bags on amazon are a personal favorite. They turn liquids into otter-pop style popsicles and even come with a funnel for easy pouring!

Nature’s Gatorade

Coconut water is nature’s gatorade. Packed with electrolytes and naturally occurring minerals like potassium, coconut water is a great alternative to sugary drinks. Try freezing it into popsicles for an extra fun treat!

We’re On Top of It

tWhatever it is you’re up to this summer- we hope you have fun and stay hydrated! Come check out AYB’s summer camp if you’re looking to give your kids a camp full of great fun and even better coaches – and know that we always take water breaks seriously! Head over to the registration page for more information!


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